My LEEDS 2023
The Gift
Leeds woven together with communities. A city without seams.
Artist Keith Khan has created a unique artwork for each of the 33 wards of Leeds to celebrate our communities.
Black fabric with orange and black motifs on representing parts of Leeds

Inspired by conversations with the LEEDS 2023 Neighbourhood Hosts and research into local history and stories, artist Keith Khan has created 33 special motifs to celebrate each ward of the city.

Each artwork celebrates a ward. Wards are made of several areas within the city and surrounding areas. All wards are below. If you're not sure which ward is yours you can search by full postcode to find it (e.g. LS10 1NE).

Tap the artworks and watch them come to life and hear the beautiful accompanying soundtracks by turning sound on.

By clicking the info buttons learn secrets about local areas and read Keith's inspiration. You can then go through to our Culture Map and hear the Neighbourhood Hosts share stories and reflections from their ward.

Learn more about The Gift and discover the artworks at the exhibition, A City Without Seams, coming to the Corn Exchange 21-24 September.

Have a play!

About the project
Man and woman wearing clothing covered in The Gift motifs

The Gift  

Following time spent in the wards with the LEEDS 2023 Neighbourhood Hosts, Keith Khan has created 33 special motifs, one for each area.

Celebrating the fabric of community

These artworks have also been transformed by Keith into a unique textile design for the city. Keith’s vision was for a fabric to be created from this design and made into a unique collection of garments by designers, makers and fashion students of Leeds. Part of the fabric used for The Gift has been generously woven by British luxury brand Burberry, on jacquard looms at Burberry’s mill in Keighley. 

Discover The Gift Fashion Stall this Summer 

Wear The Gift in your community this Summer. The Gift Fashion Stall will be touring the city, popping up at the My LEEDS Summer events. At some of these events try the garments on and have your photograph taken wearing your city with pride. Check out our recent favourites in the gallery below.

*Photo by Laurelle

Man and woman pose with their arms spread out, man wears cape and woman wears tailored jacket featuring the gift fabric
Photo by Laurelle
Woman wearing robe covered in The Gift motifs
Photo by Laurelle
Man wears gift hat and blazer
Photo by Laurelle

About Keith Khan

Portrait of Keith Khan

Keith Khan is an artist making drawing, digital art, textiles, performance and film. Born in London, of Indo-Caribbean heritage, his career began designing carnival in Trinidad and the UK.

Drawing upon Keith’s work with communities throughout his career, The Gift’s 33 motifs have been inspired by both historical research into the heritage of each ward and by conversations between Keith and the Neighbourhood Hosts. Keith has aimed to transform these encounters into a beautiful visual language. The Gift is part My LEEDS 2023, a year-long co-creation project focused on celebrating the communities that make up this city.

“I have had such a long creative connection with Leeds. I performed in the late 80’s at the Leeds City Arts Gallery with one of my seminal works; worked on major projects with Opera North and the Leeds West Indian Carnival. It is so exciting, in a digital age, to be creating such a rich community project with the values and integrity of the past projects, for and with the 33 wards of Leeds.”
Keith Khan


The Gift is part of My LEEDS 2023, made possible thanks to funding from Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Arts Council England and Leeds Community Foundation: The Mohn Westlake Arts Engagement Fund and is in partnership with University of Leeds Horizons Institute. With thanks to the kind support of Burberry.