2023 Lowdown

Our mission

A Year of Culture

Our goals

Through our programme, partnerships and promotion of the brilliant culture in our city, we aim to: 

  • Unlock opportunities for everyone to find enjoyment and live their best life through participating in creative activity 

  • Boost engagement in culture particularly among people who face barriers because of their experience or circumstances 

  • Lead and showcase cultural transformation 

  • Play an active role in the city and region’s social, economic and cultural recovery from the pandemic 

    You can read more about how we will do this in our Business Plan.

Visit the Business Plan webpage or download a PDF version.

Letting Culture Loose

There’s extraordinary stuff in this city, some things we don’t even realise are here, so for one whole year we’re throwing open the doors and we’re making ourselves known. We’re Letting Culture Loose.

We’re a city that’s as much about food, as it is about dance, as much about art as it is about sport. We’re a place where people turn old into new, disused into reused, broken into ground-breaking. We’ve spent long enough being quiet about it, so now’s the time to shout about culture, perform it, make it and imagine it every day, in every part of the city.

When this place speaks, it has a proper story to tell.

Our Vision

A thriving, exciting and inclusive Leeds. Where creativity fuels opportunity. For everyone.

Our Mission

To deliver a year of creative experiences which connect people and change their relationship with culture for good.

Our impact

Across the wider region, LEEDS 2023 will highlight the strength of our tourism and creative industry, creating an expected return on investment of 8 to 1 across West Yorkshire.


We want to be as transparent as possible about our data and performance. You can see how we’re doing against our aims for LEEDS 2023 on data.leeds2023.co.uk

Our Values

  1. We're compassionate
    We’ve a big heart and we look out for each other; we believe we’re stronger together.
  2. We're bold
    We’re not afraid of using our spirit, imagination and creativity to make a difference.
  3. We're confident
    We’re confident: we’re Leeds! We’ve got this!
  4. We're inventive
    There’s no rule book; we’ll seek out fresh ideas and new ways of doing things.

Meet the Team

United. Determined to let culture loose

    Avatar for Kully Thiarai
    Kully Thiarai
    Creative Director/CEO
    Avatar for Emma Beverley
    Emma Beverley
    Director of Programmes
    Avatar for Abigail Scott Paul
    Abigail Scott Paul
    Director of External Relations and Strategic Partnerships
Thank you
A huge thank you to our principal partners