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LEEDS 2023 reveals campaign video celebrating all things culture

We’re proud to present our latest campaign video for LEEDS 2023, in anticipation of the event’s launch period. The short film celebrates the vast breadth of culture and rich talent which exists in and around our city. 

Set to a spoken word performance by ‘hip-hop MC, writer, theatre maker and world record-breaking human beat boxer’, Testament, our new video features art and culture ranging from Bielsa to ballet dancers. It showcases the city as one which revels in Pride, lives for performance, and celebrates creativity in all of its forms.

We’d like to thank the incredible cultural organisations, artists, photographers, videographers, athletes, poets and more, who have enabled us to produce this video, and who work tirelessly every day to Let Culture Loose. Credited in the video are as follows:

  • 0:01 – ‘YOU & ME’, Anthony Burril & Laura Wellington, courtesy of In Good Company
  • 0:03 – Leeds Lockdown, RISE 
  • 0:06 – Rural Cycling in The Yorkshire Dales, Visit Leeds, courtesy of Motiv Productions 
  • 0:08 – Lee Brown Photography
  • 0:10 – Leeds Pride 2016, Visit Leeds courtesy of Motiv Productions 
  • 0:12 – Lee Brown Photography
  • 0:17 – Light Night 2019 footage, Leeds City Council Light Night 
  • 0:21 – Testament, Ndrika Anyika 
  • 0:23 – ‘Bielsa The Redeemer’, artwork by Nicholas Dixon and Andy Burleigh; photography of Simon Hulme, Yorkshire Post, courtesy of SWNS Picture Desk
  • 0:25 – The Good Book, Slung Low 
  • 0:27 – Lee Brown Photography; Khadijah Ibrahim 
  • 0:28 – Leeds Playhouse, Anthony Robling
  • 0:29 – Lee Brown Photography
  • 0:35 – James Thompson,  Ndrika Anyika 
  • 0:36 – Henry Moore, HM Foundation
  • 0:38 – Chapter 81, HOME
  • 0:44 – Opera North, Opera North
  • 0:46 – Lee Brown Photography
  • 0:57 – Leeds Grand Theatre