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Everyone is Invited to the LEEDS 2023 Roadshows!

Lee Brennan, our Head of Creative Learning and Engagement, tells us more about the Roadshow events heading out across Leeds this summer...

Everyone is invited!

We want absolutely everyone in Leeds to be part of LEEDS 2023 – across every area, in every street, in every home in the city.

With just over six months to go until 2023, the LEEDS 2023 team is heading out on a series of roadshows to give the people of Leeds a taste of what they can expect from their Year of Culture.

We’re running a roadshow in each of the 33 wards in Leeds over the next few months. The first one is taking place on May 12 at Archive on Kirkstall Road and I can’t wait to get started.

DJ Hopper speaking into a microphone as he plays roots and reggae from Eat Your Greens kitchen.
Hopper – playing roots and reggae from the Eat Your Greens kitchen (Photo Credit: Ant Robling)

What’s Happening at the Roadshows?

Everyone is invited to the roadshows, whether you want to know more about what’s on during 2023, are an artist looking to get involved, or a local business wondering how you can be part of LEEDS 2023. We’ll be there to answer all your questions and show you just how transformative the year is going to be.

Installation of The Armley Horses, a Letting Culture Loose commission by Artists Amelia Frances Wood and Rosie Vohra in collaboration with Assembly House and Hookers & Clickers (Photo Credit: Ant Robling)

We will explain what LEEDS 2023 is all about, and our team of producers will tell you about some of the incredible events that’ll be happening – not only in the city centre but all communities in Leeds. You’ll also be able to find out about how you can get involved in making LEEDS 2023 happen and sign up as a volunteer.

Each roadshow will be a celebration of the unique community that it’s taking place in. You’ll be able to see some exceptional work from local artists, there’ll be live performances, and you’ll get to enjoy food and drink made by community organisations.

We’ll also be showing a very special film that’s been a year in the making, produced by multi-award winning writer Rommi Smith and director Ndrika Anyika. It fuses original poetry, voices and music to celebrate the diversity of all the languages spoken in Leeds. It’s wonderful and I can’t wait for everyone to see it.

The roadshows are all about communities feeling proud of the culture that’s right on their doorstep as well as excited about what’s going to happen next year.

Letting Culture Loos in Schools, a commission with artist Kate Genever
(Photo Credit Ant Robling)

We want to hear stories from your community which you think we should be sharing at LEEDS 2023. Come and speak to our marketing team at your local roadshow and let us know how we can be talking about what’s going on in your area.

LEEDS 2023 really is for everyone in the city and it’s going to be extraordinary. Visit to find out more about the roadshow dates nearest to you.

When are they and how can I get involved?

They’re free and you don’t need to book a place, just turn up! We can’t wait to meet you.

We’re running Roadshow events through May, June and July. See the full list of dates here.