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Measuring engagement and impact

We are striving to make LEEDS 2023 as representative, inclusive, and transparent as possible. Publishing data on LEEDS 2023 is one of the ways we are honouring that commitment.

We keep our data microsite up-to-date with numbers and graphs that cover volunteer hours, local school engagement, social media reach and key events.

Data on our microsite is anonymised and safe for you to use in your work.

A hexmap chart containing abbreviations of 33 wards in Leeds
LEEDS 2023 Data Microsite

Things to know about the data

There are a few considerations to be aware of if you're going to explore our data microsite.

It comes from several sources

The data and visualisations displayed on this site are drawn from a variety of systems run by LEEDS 2023. As it comes from different sources, there may be a timelag on it being up to date.

It’s offered for indicative purposes only

They are indicative figures only, published and visualised to support operational decision-making by the team as well helping LEEDS 2023 to be transparent about our work. It provides headlines and highlights to show the ways in which LEEDS 2023 is engaging with communities in Leeds.

A more robustly tested and analysed evaluation of LEEDS 2023's impact will be delivered by The Audience Agency in late 2024.

It's not exhaustive

This does not represent the entirety of the LEEDS 2023 programme, nor does it represent everyone who will be engaged by the end of the year.

Using this data for research

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