The Wild Escape

We've teamed up with Artfund and Leeds Museums and Galleries to create learning resources for schools to take part in The Wild Escape - a major new project uniting hundreds of museums and schools in a celebration of UK wildlife and creativity.

The Wild Escape
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Project at a glance

The Wild Escape invites primary aged learners to explore their favourite animals and minibeasts, and create an artwork imagining its journey to a natural habitat.

LEEDS 2023 have collaborated with Leeds Museums and Galleries, exploring their collection of native UK creatures to create learning resources to be used in primary schools and early years settings.

Ways to take part

We've  partnered with Meanwood Valley Urban Farm to offer free 2 hour nature workshops for KS1 and KS2. Groups will have a tour of the farm, meet the animals, find out about the work the farm does to help the environment, and build some habitats for our local wildlife.

a wagtail bird on a flower
The Wild Escape Workshops at Meanwood Valley Urban Farm

Check out the nature workshops for KS1 and KS2.

Learning resources

Early years

Here are our activities for learners in the Early years foundation stage.

a red kite in flight
Red Kite

Learn about the red kite and take part in fun practical activities, and then create your own bird of prey!

red fox
Red Fox

Play fun practical games pretending to be a fox, and then make your own furry fox tail!


These activities are appropriate for learners in the KS1 stage (aged 4-6).

Tiger Moth

Learn about moths and how they transform from caterpillars, and then create your own minibeast design.


Create a fun fact file for this loveable creature, and then make your own hedgehog using creative materials.


These activities are appropriate for learners in the KS2 stage (aged 7-9).

picture of a beaver

Find out facts about the multi-talented Eurasian beaver, and create a perfect beaver habitat!

picture of a dragonfly

Learn about the amazing dragonfly, what it needs to survive, and then create your own minibeast design.

Other learning activities

You can also use these further resources to explore UK based creatures as inspiration for your art work.

Minibeast activities

Explore the learning resources from Leeds City Museum all about our wonderful minibeasts!


British Wildlife

Explore UK native and adopted wildlife with this resource from Mylearning.

Parks in Leeds

Learn about why we need green spaces and learn about the wildlife in Leeds' parks with this resource from Mylearning.

The Wild Escape is made possible by lead support from Arts Council England’s National Lottery Project Grants, with additional support from Art Fund and a group of generous individuals and trusts.

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