School trip

Smeaton300 Industry Sharing Day

KS2, KS3

9.30am – 12.30pm, 8 November

Leeds Industrial Museum

A day out for STEM students to design Smeaton Park, an imaginary new public space, with the help of industry professionals.

School Trip at a glance

As a part of LEEDS 2023 Signature Project Smeaton300, Leeds Industrial Museum are hosting an opportunity for KS2 and KS3 pupils (aged 11-16), to work alongside industry professionals and follow an exciting design brief!

This is for pupils taking STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects. With support from industry professionals, pupils will design a new public space in Leeds called Smeaton Park. In the process, they'll learn new skills in developing and presenting creative designs, models and prototypes.  

Applications for this project are temporarily closed, please click below to join the waiting list.

What's involved

With the help of experts, learners will design creative ideas for an imaginary new space in Leeds called Smeaton Park.


Industry Professionals, including engineers and architects, will talk about what it takes to design and create a park (and elements therein) at the start of the session. These presentations will include planning, designing, construction, user testing and architectural perspectives.


Pupils will then be set the brief to design and create a basic prototype for an element of the park. The industry experts will support pupils as they design innovative, functional, and appealing park elements, such as playgrounds, cafe, bike storage, picnic areas, and water features.


They will develop, model and present their ideas to the industry professionals via annotated sketches, diagrams and prototype models. Feedback and suggestions will be offered for further development at the end of the session.


After the event, pupils can then visit the Engineery exhibition in the museum.

Smeaton CREST Awards

Find out about the CREST awards on offer and how to get started with your learners.

Our resources are free to access, but to complete the CREST Award there is a small charge for certification. The Superstar level is £1 per learner, and teachers need to register with CREST to apply for the certificates.

We're offering 480 KS2 and 500 KS3 pupils in Leeds the opportunity to achieve their Smeaton CREST Awards for free, through a voucher code for teachers. Apply for a voucher code here.

The Superstar level is aimed at learners aged 7-11 and consists of 8 independent activities designed to take 45 minutes to an hour each.  You can pick and choose activities from the pack, or complete all of them. Once learners have completed all 8 activities they can achieve their Smeaton CREST Award.   

The theme for the activities is Smeaton Park – a brand new public space in Leeds which learners must design different elements for. 

The Discovery level is aimed at learners aged 10-14 and is 5 hours of activity which is designed to be done in one day.  This would be perfect for a STEM dropdown day, or activities can be split up into different sessions and done in class time. Designed and made by D&T teachers, our activity pack contains everything you need, complete with worksheets, powerpoints and curriculum links!   

The theme for the activities is Smeaton Park – a brand new public space in Leeds which learners must design different elements for, using D&T, Citizenship and Science knowledge and skill.

About the CREST Awards

CREST is a nationally recognised scheme for student-led project work in the STEM subjects. A network of industry experts from the STEM and education sectors are involved to maintain a consistent and high standard of assessment and moderation.

Check out the CREST Resources library.

Get started today by downloading our activity packs and applying for a voucher code to tell us how many learners you’d like to apply for. Don’t forget to also register on the CREST Award website to run your award.

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