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Briony Thomas Announced as new Chair of LeedsCEP

One of the most important aspects of our Year of Culture is engaging with children and young people. Joining forces with the Leeds Cultural Education Partnership [LeedsCEP] is just one part of that and we are excited that Briony Thomas has just been appointed as their new chair.   

“LEEDS 2023 is going to be a time to inspire all our young people; it’s a huge opportunity to interest people of all ages in culture on a scale we just haven’t seen before.”
Briony Thomas, Chair of LeedsCEP

Briony is a Lecturer in Design Science at the University of Leeds, working on and crossing art, technology, and science. Born and raised in Leeds, she is passionate about the city’s creativity, diversity, and the transformative power of education.

Following her appointment Briony said: “I’ve seen first-hand how Leeds has evolved over the past 40 years and the impact the city can have on its young people. It’s now time for me to help my community through the Leeds Cultural Education Partnership [LCEP] where I’m honoured to have just been appointed Chair. In partnership with LEEDS 2023, LCEP will ensure that children and young people are at the very core of plans for the year of culture. 

LEEDS 2023 is going to be a time to inspire all our young people; it’s a huge opportunity to interest people of all ages in culture on a scale we just haven’t seen before. I want to help LEEDS 2023 reach into those corners of the city where children or teenagers don’t feel like the arts is for them, to create reasons why they want to get involved and be part of something bigger. The legacy will be a generation of young people who have been challenged and motivated by the events unfurling around them, understanding the value of culture to everyone.” 

Over the past 15 years, Briony has developed a transdisciplinary approach to research and education, leading collaborative and creativity-driven initiatives with schools and communities. Many of these have focused on arts-led approaches to science and mathematics education.

Briony’s work demonstrates her commitment to building partnerships to advance creative and cultural education opportunities for all children and young people.  She will work closely with Kathryn Welford, our Children and Young People’s Partnership Manager, to ensure that the voices of all our local young people are heard and play a significant role in LEEDS 2023.

About Leeds Cultural Education Partnership [LCEP]

Leeds Cultural Education Partnership (LeedsCEP) is a network of people in the city who are passionate about cultural and creative learning for children and young people. It’s for those who work in education, for arts and cultural organisations, the charity and community sector; for policy makers, parents and young people themselves. All of us want Leeds to be a city where every child or young person can take part in high quality arts and cultural activity and develop their talents and aspirations. The network is about working together to make this happen.

LEEDS 2023 is working in partnership with LeedsCEP to make sure its offer for children and young people is informed by the expertise and ambitions of LeedsCEP partners, and builds on the amazing work already happening in the city.

Interested in becoming a member of LeedsCEP? Get in touch with Kathryn Welford to find out more.

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