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Oliver Reeves

Moving to Leeds in 2017 to pursue his passion for music, Oliver has a deep interest in the transformative power of cultural experiences. Having been awarded the Diana Champion Fundraiser Award for his exceptional leadership whilst fundraising for the Christie, he developed his talent for event management and administration by taking on the role of Assistant Festival Manager of Oxjam Leeds Festival. In this position, Oliver orchestrated and delivered a multi-venue weekend-long festival as part of a team of five, managing the day-to-day administration and handling venue arrangements and artist liaison. He has also volunteered for the Manchester Jazz Festival, as a key member of the Artist Liaison Team, and for the Manchester International Festival, welcoming and aiding guests from all over the world.

Oliver graduated with a First-Class Bachelor’s Degree in Music (Jazz) from Leeds Conservatoire and performs regularly in the region. He is enthusiastic about making the power that culture holds accessible to all, particularly in digital spaces.