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Lee Brennan

Lee has worked extensively across both cultural education and community engagement for over 25 years, placing co-creation at the heart of the work at both strategic and delivery level. Leading on a number of National Pilot Programmes for Children, Young People & Communities, Lee has a wealth of knowledge and understanding around impact culture and creativity has when communities and meaningfully engaged .

Working for theatres around the North West, most recently The Lowry as The Programme Manager for the Youth Performance Partnership – Lee has led a national forum of artists to develop and shape a number guiding principles around Co-Creation when working alongside children and young people when making theatre. Supporting new and emerging artists Lee acts as a mentor for those wishing to work within Cultural Education and Community Engagement. Lee worked closely with Curious Minds to develop local CEP’s at a strategic level and sat on the board for Salford CEP.

Working collaboratively with the communities of Leeds, Lee is excited to ensure everyone has an opportunity to participate, engage and learn through LEEDS 2023 ensuring that children, young people and communities are front and centre of the journey.