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Anna Turzynski

Anna is an independent producer based in Leeds. Her work spans art forms and she specialises in site-based and socially-engaged work. Dedicated to bringing work to non-traditional spaces and audiences, Anna has been the Senior Producer at Compass Live Art and produced for the acclaimed Grief Series in recent years. Her focus is on maintaining strong links with community partners and bringing projects to fruition using a rigorous approach to care and inclusivity. She has produced work for Leeds Playhouse, Unlimited Theatre and Riptide, as well as large-scale work for local authorities such as Light Night Leeds.

Anna sits on the board at Red Ladder Theatre Company and lectures regularly on careers in the creative industries, as well as mentoring young female producers in Yorkshire.

Anna is excited to work on this landmark Year of Culture and can’t wait to work with artists, chefs, athletes and musicians to create something spectacular that brings everyone together.