Our culture has been generations in the making, challenging, provoking, and inspiring. We are proud to share it with Europe, today and every day.

Our bid to become European Capital of Culture in 2023


A bold, innovative, urgent and provocative riot of international and local theatre, Transform is one of the city’s rising stars providing a platform for artists, performers and activists alike.

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BEYOND – Learning Disability and the Arts in Leeds

Celebrating and supporting the work of artists, writers, musicians and performers with learning disabilities, the biennial BEYOND festival returns in 2018.

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Queen of Chapeltown

Queen of Chapeltown draws on fist hand accounts with founding members of the much loved carnival to tell the story of not only carnival but the community who became its driving force.

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Incredible Things

Artist David Shearing is known for creating unique experiences that draw you in and transport you to another world. If you’ve ever had an ambitious idea or a grand plan, but had no idea how to make it happen then his project Incredible Things is everything that you’ve been waiting for.

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Leeds International Film Festival

As the birthplace of the moving image in 1888 when Louis le Prince took to Roundhay Park and Leeds Bridge to defy his critics and create the world’s first film, it is only right that Leeds should continue to be a platform for British and international filmmaking talent.

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Park Here & Play

Victoria Gardens will be reclaimed by artists, architects, designers and planners reimagining and reanimating our public spaces and challenging us to dream bigger and bolder.

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These Northern Types

An exploration of Northern identity in Leeds through art, music, poetry and literature - we’re about to find out who we really are.

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Ode to Leeds: The Movement

Poetry slams, spoken word sleepovers, the story of the Leeds writing group, Leeds Young Authors who made it to the grand finals in new York – this is Leeds in its own words.

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