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Shanaz Gulzar appointed as Chair for Bradford 2025

It’s been announced this week that artist and producer Shanaz Gulzar will be the new Chair of Bradford 2025. Our Creative Director, Kully Thiarai welcomes the appointment, today she commented:

“We are thrilled to hear that Shanaz Gulzar has been appointed Chair of Bradford 2025. She is an outstanding artist and producer and will bring with her a passion for the role of the arts in shaping and supporting a city to thrive. Shanaz has always been a strong advocate for Bradford and played a significant part in the cultural life of the city and region. Having collaborated with Shanaz on a number of artistic projects including the inaugural Transform festival at Leeds Playhouse I know she will bring huge ambition and drive to ensuring that Bradford’s bid for City of Culture in 2025 will be something to celebrate and look forward to. We look forward to working with her and the team and supporting the bid.”


IMAGE: City Park, Bradford, VisitBradford