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Leeds Digital Festival: Help build and online world

As part of a series of events, talks and workshops for Leeds Digital Festival 2021, we are presenting 3 fantastic events that explore how art, culture, and the creative digital world can collaborate.

We’ve commissioned artists Closed Forum to create a playful online world for Leeds 2023 that will continue to evolve and grow in the run up to and during the Year of Culture.

A Digital Leeds looks at the imaginary spaces in between our wards. What happens when we start to think of the space between our neighbourhoods? What playful possibilities open up when we look at our city as a virtual world?

This first phase of A Digital Leeds has been set up so that it can grow and be re-used in the future. We want it to become a space where people can take a breath, meet up and experience art and culture in a digital space.

Within the world, we’ve hidden theatre, articles, podcasts, demos, albums, films, poems and so much more within interactive objects.

Can you find them?

We are opening up this new online world to you as part of Leeds Digital Festival as a bit of an experiment. We want this online world to grow and change as we build up to our Year of Culture.

Access the world here.

If you’re an artist that has created anything that’s made in Leeds, made for Leeds or made with people from Leeds then please fill out this form and we will populate the digital space with your artworks to help signpost to what you are working on! Find out more here.


A Digital Leeds is not only a space to explore. It is also a venue to host talks, workshops and gatherings. Would you like to use the platform to host? Get in touch with

Here you can find some of the events we hosted as part of Leeds Digital Festival 2021:  

Beyond The Livestream

28 April 2021, 11am – 12.30pm

A panel discussion bringing together artists, commissioners, producers and makers from art, performance, gaming and creative technology backgrounds to speak about the value of making art for online and virtual spaces Facilitated by Shanaz Gulzar with contributions from Sarah Ellis (Royal Shakespeare company), Sam Lindley (Threshold Studios), Akeelah BertramMatt Allen and Adam Sas-Skowronski (Closed Forum).

Watch the video of this session here, or find a closed-caption transcript of the event here.

Forest as Research

28 April 2021, 2pm – 4pm

A workshop exploring understandings of forest ecologies through research practices, with Yorkshire-based interactive arts studio Invisible Flock and international collaborators. Contributions were made from Zakiya Mckenzie (writer in residence for Forestry England), Riku Paavola (Researcher at Oulanka Research Station Finland), Lilian Fraiji (Curator and Producer in the Amazon, Brazil) and Dominick Spracklen (Professor of Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions at School of Earth and Environment Leeds University).

Watch the video of this session here, or find a closed-caption transcript of the event here.

About Closed Forum

Closed Forum makes intimate performance and interactive digital artworks. We create art about dreams, reality and anxiety using video game platforms and open-source software.

Creating experiences that put the audience at the heart of the work, collaborating with them to make unique encounters, one-off events and artworks that can be experienced anywhere.

Active since 2017 Closed Forum is led by artists Matt Allen and Adam Sas-Skowronski. The pair make both collaborative and solo performances, digital artworks and often invite other amazing artists to join them.