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Help put the art in the Art Hostel

This is a cartoon image representing the social space which is the art hostel in Leeds, you can see artists against a Leeds cityscape

In 2016, East Street Arts opened the UK’s first Art Hostel on Kirkgate in Leeds.  Frustrated by the monopoly that chain accommodation providers have over the city they set out to build a unique, alternative and affordable place for visitors from around the world to be welcomed to Leeds… and it worked! They welcomed over 10,000 guests from 117 countries. We caught up with the team at East Street Arts about the future plans for the Art Hostel and their recent crowd funding campaign.

“The building we were in on Kirkgate was temporary and at the end of last year we lost the building much earlier than planned. Those of you who stayed or visited the Kirkgate hostel will know just how special the Art Hostel really is and the scale of what we are trying to accomplish. It isn’t just a place to stay. It’s a home for volunteers from around the world, a place to make and show work, call in for a Tuesday tea or take part in Pay-As-You-Feel yoga.

Losing the space was a bit of a shock and we needed to act quickly to find a new home for the hostel – which we did! Right by our place, Patrick Studios, in Mabgate.

So here we are, asking you to help us make this happen.

We’re running a crowdfunding campaign right now for £15,000 which is the amount we need to put the art into the Art Hostel. Each room will be uniquely designed by artists – the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and reception. All of the money we raise will go towards artist fees and materials.

An Art Hostel is more than a place to stay,  it’s a vital and unique part of Leeds’ cultural scene and we want to make this Art Hostel even more magical than the last.

So please click here to  donate, share, tweet and tell your friends. We will be forever grateful.

Thank you.

East Street x”