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Cultural Recovery Fund supports almost 30 of Leeds’ cultural organisations

Speaking today Kully Thiarai Creative Director and CEO of Leeds 2023 commented:

“It’s fantastic news that almost 30 cultural organisations across Leeds are among the first recipients of emergency funding from the Government’s Cultural Recovery Fund.

From Leeds’ legendary Brudenell Social Club to the arts collective Pyramid of Arts working with artists with disabilities and well-known institutions like Northern Ballet, the breadth of companies represents the diverse and rich nature of our cultural ecosystem here in Leeds. It is welcome that the Government has understood and recognised this diversity by investing in them, giving hope to the many employees who work there, as well as to the local communities in which they are embedded.

“Of course we cannot forget that the success and impact of our culture and creative industries depends on a vast army of freelance artists, performers and technicians so we also encourage the Government to do all that it can to provide security for those whose futures remain in doubt given the ongoing impact of COVID-19 restrictions.

“Investment in culture has never been more important. Not only does cultural activity deliver benefits for children’s education and improve health and wellbeing outcomes,  but last week’s research by Arts Council England showed that arts and culture contributed £1.2bn to the economy across Yorkshire and the Humber, accounting for over 21,000 jobs.  We cannot ignore the opportunity of Leeds 2023, working with our cultural partners across Leeds and the wider region, to turbocharge our economic recovery from COVID-19. With the right support, we can respond with imagination and determination to provide a better future for all our communities and look forward to working alongside Arts Council England and DCMS as our plans progress.”

Kully Thiarai

October 2020

IMAGE: Brudenell Social Club, Leeds