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Christmas comes early as celebrated author Michael Rosen visits East Leeds schools

Leeds East Primary Partnership Schools have been working closely together to improve children’s outcomes in reading and have made it their mission to provide children with a love of books, so they become lifelong readers.  As part of their Book Week Event at the end of November the schools organised a major event, which included library visits, storytelling workshops and book competitions.

The highlight of the week was a visit celebrated children’s author by Michael Rosen, famed for tales including Quick Let’s Get Out of Here, Little Rabbit Foo Foo and Uncle Gobb and the Dread Shed.  Michael arrived at Cross Gates Primary School on Monday 27 November and gave a presentation to Year 1 children from all the Trust schools with a further presentation with Year4/5 in the afternoon. The children were really inspired by his visit:

“I think that he has encouraged children to read who don’t like reading” – Bodhi

“He was an amazing storyteller” – Raman

“I got to see my favourite author” – Dylan

“I was impressed that he could remember all the stories from his books” – Phoebe

Year 1 had the following things to say:

“I like MR because he made me laugh” – Trim

“I like MR because he used rhyme and said ‘don’t put gravy on the baby’” – Caitlyn

“It was the best day of my laugh because I laughed so much” – Connor

Year 4 said:

“I was shocked as he’s such a famous writer, a famous author and he was so funny!” – Logan

“I love all of his amazing books so it was fantastic to see him in real life” – Kaleb

“He was hilarious” – Maicey

Michael Rosen books were purchased by the schools prior to the event.  These were signed and will be will be sold to the children at a reduced price of £2 per book due to the generous support of one of our partners Friends of Foxwood Farm Charity.