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12 Jan 2015

An Independent Steering Group to be formed

Leanne Buchan

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For a bid to be created by the city of Leeds, there will need to be a governance structure in place ensuring that, whilst the city council is facilitating the development, the whole city has the opportunity to share in the ownership of the bid. A steering group will need to be established to develop the bid, but this is after all a competition and elements of the bid must be done in confidence.

“You are not awarded the honour for what you are, but rather by convincing the panel of what you will become.  The distance between where you are and where you want to be. That’s what wins”

Alan Lane, SlungLow Theatre, Holbeck Urban Village

The city council will need to find a way by which those writing the bid can be trusted and empowered by the city to bid on its behalf. The process would balance city-wide engagement with confidentiality on some of the key bid contents and budgets in order to keep ahead of other competitors. We anticipate the bid would need to be signed off by a steering group and by the council.

The steering group would be focused initially on the bid but with a mind to delivery models should Leeds be successful in its bid. The group would need to be determined based on their knowledge, skills and approach rather than for being ‘the usual suspects’. Diversity will be important, not to tick a box but to ensure the bid benefits from the widest range of voices, ideas and perspectives.  It is envisaged that a small selection group, chaired by the Executive Member for Digital and Creative Technologies, Culture and Skills (who would also be the Council’s representative on the steering group) would oversee the appointments.

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Leanne Buchan

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