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28 Jan 2016

A new Culture Strategy for Leeds

Leanne Buchan

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Bidding cities are required to have a Culture Strategy in place. The competition offers Leeds a timely opportunity to review and update its existing, but out of date Culture Strategy. This will be a chance to redefine the city’s view of ‘culture’, set out where Leeds hopes to be in thirteen years’ time and show how winning the designation of 2023 could enable the realisation of that vision.

‘Leeds Best City 2030’ sets a clear and bold ambition for the city to move forward, making smart investments and taking calculated risks to put Leeds firmly on the map. Policy makers across the world see culture as a central part of delivering the priorities and strategies of urban government. Culture has a key role to play in placing Leeds on the international stage, in raising our game and dragging our cultural light out from under the bushel.

Much has changed since the last Culture Strategy: from the growth and expansion in the independent scene over the past five years, to the delivery of large scale events; from the continuing success of major cultural players in Leeds, to the rise of the regional agenda; from a time of relative neglect of the arts to the realisation of their crucial value to so many areas where we are determined to raise our game.

The strategy must also answer what support Leeds can give back to the region and how a bid for European Capital of Culture might enable this.

For more information, visit leedsculturestrategy.org.

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Leanne Buchan

0113 378 7908