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In response to the Government’s £1.57bn package of support for the arts and culture sector

In response to the Government’s £1.57bn package of support for the arts and culture sector, Kully Thiarai, Creative Director and CEO of Leeds 2023 said today:

“Across Leeds and West Yorkshire, the workers and performers in our region’s great cultural institutions and the independent artists and venues embedded in communities, are waking up to some positive news. After months of anxiety and uncertainty, the Government has thrown a much needed life-line that will help many stay afloat and plan for the future.

“Our region is brimming with creative talent and we can now, collectively,  begin to think boldly about the future and ensure that this additional support reaches all parts of our diverse sector.  Leeds 2023 is determined to play our role in the region’s recovery and we will be working closely with all our colleagues, funding bodies and Government over the coming months to forge a path ahead.

“In the meantime, we wish to thank everyone that has worked so hard to agree this settlement. Our thanks also to the Prime Minister, the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Culture Secretary for listening and giving their vote of confidence to our world-leading creative sector. These are unprecedented times, and this is an unprecedented package of support; we will respond with imagination and creativity to support the next steps.”