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Music:Leeds – Making music in Leeds better

Music:Leeds is a project about “making music in Leeds better” we caught up with Sam Nicholls aka Whiskas who has masterminded the project to find out more.

Music in Leeds is brilliant, but what is evident is not enough people around the world know that, and not enough people in the city know how to get the most out of it. That means through experiencing gigs and concerts, through participating, through learning or by making it the centre of their lives in Leeds and providing career opportunities

The project has come from trying to push collaborations, build relationships and get people and organisations in Leeds to work together, in order to achieve something that is greater than the sum of our parts. Through research powered by Leeds Beckett University, we have tried to build a database of every music business or ‘formal’ organisation in the city (we hope to extend this to all music groups in the future). Primarily this is to give us an accurate picture of the wealth of activity and talent operating in the city, but it’s also to start the process of better communication. As part of this, we have engaged in conversations with approximately 80 organisations across the city, literally as many as we can fit in over the last few months!

Our event on 29th November is an opportunity to bring everyone together who plays a part in music in Leeds – as entertainment, as education and more. This is just a start and the first time something so grandiose has been attempted, and we have attempted to contact every organisation working with music in the city. As part of the event, we are going to have talks and provocations from people trying to invigorate their cities through music across Europe and beyond including the Deputy Night Mayor of Amsterdam and the newly formed Brighton Music Office – and we are going to involve our attendees to get involved and feedback on what we can do in Leeds.

The event is free to attend, and open to everyone who loves music in Leeds.

This is the start of something that we think can create a precedent for years to come on how people across all genres, music scenes and levels of pathway can work together to create a vibrant environment for everyone in Leeds to have access to awesome music, make what they want out of it, and for people to come to Leeds to explore our wonderful creative scene.

More information on Music:Leeds and to register for our event at

Image: The Pigeon Detectives Live at Leeds 2017. Image by Nathan Dainty